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Slides & Mule Sandals

Slide into the easiest and breeziest of jelly styles. Go high or keep it low. It’s your choice with slides ranging from bold platform to minimalist chic.

Trendy & Eco-Friendly Slide Sandals

Slide into style with Melissa's eco-friendly jelly sandals, crafted for the fashion-forward and environmentally conscious. Made entirely from recyclable Melflex, these sandals combine a great design with a commitment to sustainability. By choosing our slides, you're not just stepping up your style game—you're also making a positive impact on the planet. Beyond the jelly slides, our collection includes stylish T-strap and ankle strap sandal options, all designed with sustainability in mind. Embrace a wardrobe that's both trendy and responsible, proving that great style can go hand-in-hand with caring for our Earth.

How to Style Mule Slide Sandals with Any Outfit

Mule sandals are ideal for securing that day-to-night look. Pair them with jeans or a casual dress for a laid-back yet polished daytime vibe. If you’re mixing things up, fisherman sandals can add a vintage touch to your ensemble, keeping it cool and understated. For evening events, switch to heeled mules to add a sleek, sophisticated flair to your outfit. In the colder months, pairing mules with socks can keep your style game strong without sacrificing comfort. In summer, slip into jelly slide sandals for an effortless, beachy feel. Always consider the color and texture of your mules to make sure they complement your overall look seamlessly. 

Styling Mule Heeled Sandals with Formal Wear

Elevating your formal attire with mule heeled sandals offers both elegance and ease. For weddings or black-tie events, opt for mule heels that shimmer with embellishments or feature sophisticated, sleek designs. When pairing these sandals with dresses, consider the length and cut of your gown. Floor-length gowns look stunning when complemented by a heel that offers a subtle peek-a-boo effect, while shorter dresses are perfectly accentuated by bolder, standout mule designs. Think about color coordination as well; a classic black or nude mule can harmonize seamlessly with most ensembles, whereas a brightly colored or metallic pair adds a pop of excitement to your outfit. Always ensure your choice in footwear matches the occasion's formality—satin or velvet mules and even elegantly designed flip flops, are particularly fitting for grander events. Styling mule heels with formal wear not only enhances your outfit but also promises comfort, letting you focus on enjoying the event.



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