Melissa Geometric Rupture + Carla Colares

Cod: 32876-54020-10
$145.00 $43.50

The Melissa NEXT competition has finally arrived in Brazil, democratising design and creating the space for independent creativity in the fashion industry. With over 2 thousand registrations, it unites artists, designers and fashion lovers from all over the country with one objective: to create an innovative and original Melissa. The winning design belongs to Carla Colares, from the state of Ceará, and is based on colours, shapes and textures, playing with the traditional while also breaking away from it. Inspired by Geta heels and contemporary and concrete art, we give you the Melissa Geometric Rupture + Carla Colares, made for the daring and strong. It features two wide front straps combined with a textured platform and a pointed toe. The colour palette is inspired by artists of the 1950s Brazilian Concrete Art Movement in which more subtle tones like camel pink meet bright colours in unexpected combinations. A highlight is the iconic, reference-filled prints on its Grenflex insole.