Mini Melissa Possession + Stranger Things - Youth & Kids

Cod: 33796-AI495-11

When launched, the Melissa Possession was considered "strange," but conquered the world in a short period and became a fashion icon. And that's why Possession is renewed in this collaboration. The most loved series of recent times, Stranger Things, arrives in our world, bringing all mysteries of Hawkins in a sandal full of style and personality. Melissa Possession, the brand's best-seller, receives patterns that refer to the series, with a Grenflex insole in four different variations. The Black Splash variation has a special effect: it glows in the dark*

*Special instructions for glow in the dark: The phosphorescent pigment that glows in the dark needs ultraviolet radiation to charge. After charging in ultraviolet radiation, it carries the electrons and then, in the dark, reflects the brightness of light. We can find this radiation in sunlight and fluorescent artificial lights (LED light has no ultraviolet rays and therefore does not carry the effect). Light exposure time is also a relevant factor in the process; you need over 30 minutes of exposure to light. To witness the the glow in the dark feature, it requires an entirely dark environment without any light. The duration of the luminescent effect, after total deprivation of light, will be approximately 3 minutes.