Melissa Fluffy Slide + Cruella de Vil

Cod: 33446-51492-5
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The icon, Cruella de Vil, makes an entrance in the Melissa universe lending her authenticity to a limited edition of the Fluffy Slide. Oozing comfort and style and made with plastic + vegan faux fur, this model has a bonus which is sure to shake up the squad: each foot has a different coloured shoe just like the character’s iconic hairstyle. The slide has a 70s punk vibe which conveys authentic and attitude-filled creations. Perfect to look great at home and out! Stay tuned: this style will have pairs with different colors for each side: some pairs will have a white right side and a black left side, while other pairs will have a black right side and a white left side. This will be the color scheme for every pair of the style: one white side and one black side.