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80s & 90s Jelly Shoes

Melissa, having launched in Brazil in 1979, is often referred to as the original jelly shoe.

Jelly shoes, or jellies, are a type of footwear made from PVC plastic. Melissa shoes are created from a patented PVC called Melflex®, which is a mixture of recycled factory waste and other recyclable, non-toxic materials. Every pair of Melissa jelly shoes and jelly sandals contain a minimum of 30% of recycled Melfex®.

History of Jelly Shoes

Since 1979, Melissa has sought to redefine plastic, turning the ordinary into something truly extraordinary. The Melissa Aranha silhouette, inspired by the sandals worn by the fishermen of the French Riviera, became an overnight success, turning into an icon for young Brazilians (and beyond) in the 1980s and 1990s.

Were jelly shoes 80s or 90s?

Though jelly shoes and jelly sandals existed prior to the 1980s, they were cheap and far from fashionable. Eventually, some creative minds started experimenting with colors and shapes, turning ordinary plastic into something extraordinary. Jelly shoes began trending in the early 1980s after gracing the pages of major fashion magazines and the catwalks of major fashion shows.

Similar to other fashion trends from the 80s, like neon and animal print, jelly shoes have regained trending status multiple times since the late 90s.

Melissa features a variety of jelly shoes and sandals from the 80s, including the Melissa Possession, a silhouette that is renowned internationally as "the original jelly". 

Another 80s-style jelly shoe is the Melissa Campana, an iconic silhouette born from the collab between Melissa and the Campana brothers. 

Melissa Jelly Shoes' Plastic

Melissa is recyclable, vegan, and aware. Melissa prioritizes sustainability and supports the global fight against the uncontrolled use of plastic, particularly single-use plastics that are used once and then thrown away, like plastic straws, bags, and bottles.

At Melissa, we do our duty to change this scenario. Melissa's plastic can be used continually; a long-lasting plastic that is also used in domestic utensils, computers, toys, and medicine, among others.

PVC Material used for Jelly Shoes & Sandals

Melissa produces its own unique, patented PVC plastic called Melflex®.

Melflex® is a flexible, heat mouldable PVC, developed to allow innovation and experimentation in the design of shoes and accessories to improve flexibility, comfort, and durability.

Melflex® is 100% cruelty-free and recyclable, as well as hypoallergenic and odorless. Melissa plastic shoes are environmentally friendly as they can be easily disassembled and recycled. 

EVA Material used for Jelly Shoes & Sandals

In addition to PVC plastic, Melissa uses additional materials to create jelly shoes and sandals. 

The recently launched Free Collection features Melissa’s propriety EVA, called Melfree. Derived from sugar cane, this material contains 20% renewable carbon and emits 65% less CO2eq. Check it out here

All products are made in Brazil, utilizing an eco-friendly production process, characterized by product quality management, resource optimization, waste reduction, and operational efficiency. Doing more with less.

In summary, Melissa is recyclable, vegan, and aware, having a low impact from start to finish.

Read more about what we're doing on the sustainability front here.